Stealthing, The 'new' Sexual Trend That You Should NEVER Try

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Stealthing, The 'new' Sexual Trend That You Should NEVER Try
Stealthing, The 'new' Sexual Trend That You Should NEVER Try

Video: Stealthing, The 'new' Sexual Trend That You Should NEVER Try

Video: Stealthing, The 'new' Sexual Trend That You Should NEVER Try
Video: The Truth About Stealthing | Sex & Lies 2023, December

How daring are you in bed? Some women will say that they are willing to fulfill all the sexual fantasies of their partners, among them the sweetest and gentlest such as splosh, a technique that incorporates foods such as chantilly cream, strawberries or chocolate during sexual intercourse. So far so perfect, but how much do you know about stealthing? Are you willing to do it?

Stealthing, an English term that means "in stealth" or "secretly", describes a practice or fashion among men that consists of removing the condom while they have sex, without the consent of his girl and with the intention of physically and psychologically damaging her. Obviously, if you are the victim of an aggressor like these, you expose yourself to becoming pregnant or, even more worryingly, contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, herpes, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, among others.

Organizations defending women's rights call this sexist practice a violation.

In a report presented by researcher Alexandra Brodsky and published by the renowned scientific journal Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, she defends in her study that stealthing should be judged as just another sexual assault. In addition, it is blunt when confirming that this problem also occurs in the homosexual community and that many of its loyal followers promote it and exchange tricks in forums with other practitioners.

Another expert who supports Brodsky's version is attorney Sandra Paul, an expert in sexual crimes. She explained in a BBC article that although not all countries have the same laws, "the person who does it is potentially committing a violation." It indicates that to remove the condom there must be prior consent or even if your boy is willing to do it, he has the obligation to inform you.

"If the person does not follow the rules, the law says there was no consent and the violation occurs when penetration occurs," Paul explained.

Condom pros and cons



It is used during pregnancy to prevent STD infections.

  • They are versatile because they can be used days after delivery.
  • They are safe because they do not cause any side effects from hormones.
  • They prevent ectopic pregnancies.
  • Easy to have and carry in your wallet.
  • Any man can use them regardless of age.
  • They are used without the need to visit a doctor.
  • It allows men to assume their responsibility in preventing pregnancy or the spread of disease.
  • They help the man take longer to ejaculate.
  • Disadvantages

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    They decrease the feeling, making the relationship less pleasant. Hence also the explanation of why many remove it without the consent of their partner, although this does not justify it either.

    • There is a possibility that it will slip or break during intercourse.
    • They tend to weaken or break when stored for a long time or in hot, humid conditions or when used with petroleum-based manufactured lubricants.
    • Men's cooperation is needed for a woman to protect herself against pregnancy or illness.
    • They have a bad reputation because in the 21st century they are related to inappropriate or immoral sex.
    • Some prefer not to buy them out of embarrassment, ask their partner to wear them, or even put them on.

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    Regardless of your situation, be clear that if your partner ever removes the condom without your consent, they are committing a crime and you should let them know. If you are willing to consent, you have to be sure that the man you have fun with under the covers is trustworthy and not someone who will harm you because a woman is not a sexual object. It is respected, loved, cared for and valued because all human beings exist thanks to them.