How To Use Dating Apps In Covid-19 Times

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How To Use Dating Apps In Covid-19 Times
How To Use Dating Apps In Covid-19 Times

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We spoke with Gabi Reyes, couple and family therapist and spokesperson for Chispa, a dating application that connects Latinos in the United States, about the aspects that we must take into account when using this service in the days of Covid-19

Here is what you should know if you want to find a partner online with all the guarantees:

What should we consider when using dating apps in this time of Covid-19?The first thing that should come to mind is security. Any rules to follow where you live, you must respect them. Outside of that, let's try to be positive when using this tool. Although it's not likely to meet in person these days, dating apps like Chispa, created for single Latino Americans, offer us the chance to get to know each other better and possibly allow us to create a more meaningful connection. How can we make the most of our profile in this type of application to find the perfect candidate?When preparing your profile, put up photos that show your personality. Smiling, doing something you like to do or a photo with your favorite pet. Post information that can start interesting conversations. For example, a line or a joke from your favorite movie. If someone recognizes it, they already have something in common. If someone does not recognize it, they already have an interesting conversation to start, with Chispa they already have the starting point of having similar cultures and surely share traditions and values, making the conversation flow more naturally.What would you say as an expert that a “red flag” is and we should run away from that profile? I would say that it is difficult to see the "red flags" from the profile. But as soon as they start talking, they can be very obvious: If he asks you for money

  • If it asks you for private information
  • If you “can't” make video chat
  • If you say you don't live in the United States
  • If you can't find information on the internet about this person
  • Is it good to have several conversations at the same time with different candidates or should we focus only on one? I would say that it is good to meet several people, but not to be talking to so many that you cannot form a connection. In the beginning, talking to 2 or 3 is not bad, since when you see that you are connecting more with one, focus on that one in order to nurture and grow that relationship.Applications like Spark connect people with the same background and that is very useful. What can you tell us about this specific dating application?Chispa is the largest and most downloaded application created for Latino millennial singles in the United States. You can incorporate the flags of your countries directly into your profile, with this you can know in advance the roots of the person with whom you may connect. Being an application for Latinos, it gives you the possibility to share language and idiosyncrasy. During this time of Covid-19, in a survey of users of the Spark App, an increase of 33% in messages of singles through the application and 25% in compatible couples was revealed. In the same survey, 93% indicated that they are still interested in making connections and having virtual dates.

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