Tips For Burning Calories

Tips For Burning Calories
Tips For Burning Calories

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Occasionally a new diet or magic weight loss pill comes into vogue, always with the promise that you won't have to make a big sacrifice and that it does "really work." But the truth, and what is not talked about as much as it should, is that the science of reducing body weight, in most cases, is quite simple. Just like a bank account, if the amount of money that goes in is greater than what goes out, the account grows. If, on the other hand, the amount of money that goes out is greater than the amount that goes in, it is inevitable that the account will be reduced.

In the case of our bodies, calories are money and it is necessary to spend a lot so that the "greases" that accumulate in the "savings accounts" begin to disappear. However, it is easier said than achieved. Anyone who has tried it knows that diet is not enough without the support of exercises, nor exercises without the support of changes in diet. And if you are one who enjoys the pleasure of eating and is not willing to give it up completely, you will also have felt the frustration caused by the contrast between the calories you consume in a small dessert and the insignificant amount that you can eliminate with exercises.

After an hour walking or running on the mat and seeing that the number of calories consumed barely reaches 500, it is clear that the exercises alone are not enough to burn what you consume. It is the sum of the small activities during the day that really count. That is why it is so important to make changes in your habits and lifestyle if you want to eliminate a few extra pounds. These are some of my tricks:

• Park far from the places you go, be it a shopping center or a doctor's office, to be forced to walk more. If you live in a city where you don't use the car, always choose the longest road or get off one stop before the bus or subway.

• When you walk for exercise, move your arms more to increase energy expenditure.

• Eliminate the elevator. Climbing stairs is a relatively intense activity and you don't need fancy gadgets. If you work or live on a very high floor, exit the elevator one or two floors before yours.

• Sleep without anything on and lower the temperature of the air conditioning or heating. The body consumes more energy to maintain its temperature. Tuck in the comforter well and think about the dress you are going to be able to wear.

• Chew more. Choose stringy meat and vegetables instead of pasta. Some foods require as much energy to consume and digest as they provide. Some even recommend chewing gum.

• Watch television without remote control or remote control. Every time you need to change channels or control the volume, get up and do it!

• More calories are consumed standing up than sitting down: talking on the phone standing up, in the office or at home, giving up a seat on the bus or subway.

• Walk your dog in addition to exercises, not in place of exercises. If you don't have a dog, go with a friend when she does.

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