Maintain Your Weight In Summer And The Rest Of The Year

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Maintain Your Weight In Summer And The Rest Of The Year
Maintain Your Weight In Summer And The Rest Of The Year
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Summer exercise
Summer exercise

In the months before the beach season, men and women try their best in the gym to achieve a better body appearance. But once summer ends and winter begins, many of them give up their efforts and gain weight.

However, staying in shape during the winter and next beach season doesn't have to be too difficult. The National Weight Control Registry, which conducted work with men and women who lost 60 pounds and maintained weight for at least five years, uncovered interesting details about those who were not satisfied with mere weight loss, but wanted keep it.

Among the notable results of the study with these people are the following:

• 78 percent start their day properly, eating breakfast daily

• 75 percent are not afraid of the scales, and weigh themselves at least once a week

• 90 percent exercise an average of one hour a day

• 62 percent watch television less than 10 hours a week

These behaviors should not surprise us. Eating breakfast every day boosts metabolism after a night's rest, and a protein-rich breakfast is more likely to give us less appetite in the hours before lunch. Also, daily exercise instead of sitting on the couch is clearly beneficial. And the motivating power of weight-lifting routines should also not be underestimated.

But there are other things men and women must do to avoid gaining weight in winter once summer is over. Some of them are:

Lift weights

Adult men and women may think that weight lifting is for young people, but it can actually combat the loss of muscle tissue that usually begins when a person turns 30. Combat that loss of muscle mass with strength exercises and hand weights. Hand weights can build muscle and strengthen bones, and the fewer muscles lost, the more capable the body is at burning calories.

Control of rations

The portions have increased in recent years without precedent. Consider the case of the average bagel, a breakfast favorite. According to data from the National Institutes of Health, 20 years ago the average bagel had a diameter of three inches and 140 calories. Today, the bagel is six inches in diameter and 350 calories. These institutes also note that 20 years ago a plate of spaghetti and three meatballs totaled 500 calories, while today they exceed 1,000 calories. Among the "tricks" to control rations is buying prepared food or even buying smaller plates. Regardless of the method used, if the portions are smaller, you will not gain weight.

Spend more time on physical activity

In a survey sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency that examined the activities of the average woman over 18, driving a vehicle, watching television, and office work were three of the four activities with the most time spent. And the exercise wasn't even in the top ten. Although these responses do not tell how men spend their time, it stands to reason that both men and women can spend more time on physical activity and less time on sedentary lifestyle. For example, if you can get to work by bike and not by car, dust off yours and leave the car in the garage.

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