These Are Also Recyclable Items

These Are Also Recyclable Items
These Are Also Recyclable Items
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Recycling items
Recycling items

We all know that recycling is necessary, and we regularly place our newspapers, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans in front of the house for collection. However, there are also many other lesser-known items that can be recycled.

Before an item is relegated to trash brass, a little research needs to be done to determine if it can be recycled. Although these may not be placed on the sidewalk, they can be taken to recycling centers. Some companies or organizations collect certain recyclables, saving us time and fuel.

Home appliances. Some cities and states have recycling programs or appliance discounts. An older, less efficient appliance can be exchanged at a discount for a newer model that spends less. Since 1993, the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association has oversaw the Home Appliance Recycling Information Center, whose mission is to serve as an authoritative source of information regarding environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of home appliances, and to conduct research on the recycling of important gadgets.

Computers. If a computer works, it must be sold or given to someone else who can continue to use it. For example, some elderly people are not interested in RAM or processor speed, as they only want a means to connect to the Internet and can benefit from a recycled machine. Also, computers can be donated to less fortunate schools. For those who simply want to recycle it, there are different delivery areas for computers and peripherals such as printers. Some charities use them for income.

  • Batteries. These small energy sources contain heavy metals that can seep into the earth and water. Therefore, they must be taken to recycling centers for proper disposal. Otherwise, you can buy recyclable batteries with a charger.
  • Mattresses Thanks to the bed bug epidemic, very few want to buy or use a used mattress. Those who want to buy a new mattress and have a used one to dispose of, can find out in their city of residence where there are transfer stations that recycle mattresses. Some stores even take the old one when you buy a new mattress.
  • Scrap. Anyone with junk in their garages or basements can turn it into money. Scrap metal is in demand, and there are companies dedicated to the sale and trade of these materials.
  • CDs and DVDs. The circulation figure of these plastic discs is enormous. Find where you can recycle them or use them for other uses.
  • CFL bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs save energy but must be recycled properly due to the tiny amount of mercury they contain. Some stores, like the IKEA furniture store, collect them.
  • Powdered ink and cartridges. Don't throw away those used cartridges. Take them to the office supply store for a recycling credit.
  • Motor oil. If you take care of changing the oil in your vehicle's engine, you must take the used oil to a transfer station or recycling center for proper processing. Since many commercial oil change businesses recycle it, it pays to pay for a convenient and environmentally responsible change.

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