Watch Out For The Heat

Watch Out For The Heat
Watch Out For The Heat
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Summer is characterized by high temperatures, humidity and heat. Therefore, it is important that during these months you take the necessary precautions not to become dehydrated and to avoid that the body suffers an alteration or an illness.

"The body has ways to stay cold, such as letting heat escape through the skin and perspiring … If the body is not cooled adequately or enough, the victim may suffer from a heat-related illness. Anyone can be susceptible, although the very young and the very old are at greater risk. Without care, heat-related illness can be serious, or even fatal,”said Dr. Ken Sable, vice president of emergency medicine at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City in an interview with Health Day.

We need to take the necessary precautions not to suffer any consequence of the high temperatures. Some tips to cool off these days are:

-Take more than eight glasses of water a day.

-Find fresh food alternatives that help you hydrate. For example, fruits, salads, and cold soups. Please don't drink hot soups outdoors, you could increase your body temperature more.

-Use pieces of clothing on light, light-colored fabrics. The lighter the clothes, the less you attract heat. Say no to black and dark tones during the day.

-Options for the job. If you work outdoors, try to wear hats, caps, glasses, cool long-sleeved shirts and sunscreen.

-Practice sport at hours where the sun lowers its intensity. Try to do your physical activities in the morning or afternoon / night.

Any questions about good hydration, talk to your doctor and enjoy the summer.

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