Essential Nutrients For Women

Essential Nutrients For Women
Essential Nutrients For Women
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While I was having breakfast and enjoying the "pleasant" reading of the cereal box (a habit that I acquired together with that of having an "American" breakfast), I began to compare the list of components with the one that appears on the bottle of my pills. of vitamins, and then with my husband's. Because, although it may seem like a publicity stunt at times, the content of the supplements is really different, beyond the design of the label and the color of the bottles.

Fortunately, men and women are not equal, even if we deserve the same rights and opportunities. I ended up thinking about their and their nutritional needs, and even the possible justification for my husband so easily eating 16 ounces of beef (almost raw, by the way).

Here I present you the list of some of the nutrients that, although they may be necessary and healthy, they are not in the same measure for both sexes:

• Iron: There is no need to explain why we need more than them. In fact, the need for iron decreases for women who have already stopped menstruating.

• Calcium: Of utmost importance to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, for both men and women, but excess calcium can be harmful to them and has been linked to the risk of prostate cancer.

• Proteins: Important for both, as an energy source and for tissue growth and repair, but men need to consume more because they have a greater body mass. But excess protein can speed up calcium loss through urine, a red flag for people at risk for osteoporosis.

• Omega 3 fatty acids: The benefits are limitless, but perhaps men should limit themselves to omega 3 fatty acids of marine origin. Controversies exist over the possible effect of consuming plant-based omega 3s on the risk of prostate cancer.

• Dietary fiber: Recommended for both, but men need to consume more because they need more calories.

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