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All of us who have ever tried to lose weight, either through exercises, with the help of a diet or with a combination of both, know how frustrating it can be to reach that point of immobility known as the “plateau” (from the plateau in English) where it seems like nothing you do is going to cause you to lose another pound.

To avoid hurting sensibilities … let's talk as abstractly as possible about those five or ten persistent little books (the kilos of vanity) that cling to your body until the last minute. How to overcome the "plateau" effect to reach your ideal weight and stay in good physical shape? Over time, the human body tends to adapt to almost everything, and the changes in the exercises and what you consume are no exception, so the best approach to break the deadlock is precisely to break the routine:

• Change the frequency, order, and number of repetitions of the exercises. If you alternate with some type of aerobic exercise, switch days to "surprise" your body. Plus, add variety to your workouts.

• Eat more. Yes, you read that right. As the level of physical activity increases, the need for calories increases due to the variations in your metabolism and you will need more fuel to continue burning energy. Eat frequently throughout the day making sure you are consuming the right amount of protein.

• Increase intensity. One or two days a week, chosen at random, compete with yourself and push yourself to the limit. More speed, more weight, or a combination of all exercises can help pull muscles out of inertia.

• Sleep more. If you are not sleeping the number of hours you need, the muscles do not recover fully and do not tone up at the same rate. On the other hand, if you are rested you will have a better performance in your routines.

• Don't be tormented. If you think you are at a dead end, stress will become one more weapon against you. Focus on the solution, rather than the problem. Give your body time to get where you want.

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