Technology Produces Stress

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Technology Produces Stress
Technology Produces Stress

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I always associated lack of stress with a specific time in my life: childhood. That frame of years between 5 and 12 in which my clear memories do not include the slightest sense of concern: the parents are in charge of providing at home, the older brothers are dedicated to taking care of you and your only work in the life seems to be enjoying it. But do you know what else did not exist in my childhood? The exaggerated and increasing flow of technology; And without a doubt, technology causes stress.

What is stress?

Stress is an automatic and natural response of the human body that occurs when faced with threatening or challenging situations. Life and its continuous changes require the same number of adaptations, so a moderate amount of stress is completely necessary. The problem appears when stress levels go out of proportion and begin to have negative effects on your health and emotions.

The symptoms of stress include anxiety, irritability, fear, frustration, excessive self - criticism, difficulty concentrating, fear of failure, lack of sleep and fatigue, among others.

How does technology contribute to stress?

Technology has broken with the parameters of intimacy, personal space and relaxation. The term “disconnect” acquired a new meaning since cell phones, personal computers, GPS, videoconferences, mp3s and portable DVDs became an almost unavoidable part of our lives. It is not about saying that technology is bad or reducing the blame for our stress level to its continuous advances. It is about understanding the limits that the use of technology should have to avoid becoming a contributor to daily stress instead of a benefit.

Avoid stress

Yes, we all love our phone, but we cannot allow such love to become unhealthy. Texting, checking your email and Facebook profile all day long without stopping will not only keep you on the lookout for stressful news that may happen in the workplace and personal, but will abstract you from reality. Talking to friends, receiving the sun's rays and enjoying a good meal without interruptions are part of managing your stress level.

Turn them off

Breaking the habit costs, and we are very used to the constant and noisy presence of all kinds of devices. As much as possible keep your computer, mp3 and cell phone away from you at night. Occasionally take a break from the constant connection with the world and enjoy breathing in the natural air. Get back to basics and don't let technology fill your life with stress.

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