Finding Best Hummus

Finding Best Hummus
Finding Best Hummus

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In one of those lively office conversations, which didn't take place around the watercooler, but next to the microwave oven at lunchtime, they talked about the nutritional values, flavor, and versatility of hummus. Between the odd joke related to this chickpea cream that for me is a jewel of Mediterranean gastronomy (someone remembered the jocular reference in an Adam Sandler's film that in Israel there are hummus everywhere), they ended up exchanging criteria on what is the best hummus that can be purchased in supermarkets.

If you want to go for the healthier option, I recommend that you do not buy the pasta that is sold ready to eat and that often includes too many foreign and unnecessary ingredients. I buy the basic chickpea and tahini pasta in cans, and that is all it contains. Then I give it a touch of flavor myself, with a simple combination of suggestions from an Arab friend and other ideas of my own inspiration. I pour the contents of the can into a deep plate and add to taste:

• Salt and pepper

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Crushed garlic

• Lemon juice

• Cumin powder

Then it only remains to mix it well … and start enjoying this delicious dish with a pita bread. Enjoy your meal!

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