Tips Burning Calories Halloween

Tips Burning Calories Halloween
Tips Burning Calories Halloween
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As the end of the year approaches, sweets, candies, chocolates and other Halloween treats are the first to attempt against the sanity of our diet. Arguably, the season of temptations begins here. From a few days before that date, the sweets seem to haunt us like sweet witches in every corner that we meet: in the office, in the supermarkets, in the banks … Unless you have a will of titanium, it is impossible not to succumb at least to one or another pleasure of the palate.

So the only way to counter guilt and fight the effects of taste on weight numbers is to step up the exercises. Follow these tips to burn off the extra calories you consumed and avoid screaming in horror when you find out that the button on your favorite jeans doesn't shut off:

• Run or walk faster or, if you have time, increase the distance.

• If you use a mat or treadmill, increase the incline more.

Increase the resistance of the stationary bike.

• Take your dog for a walk more often.

• Park farther from where you go.

• Instead of using the elevators, go up the stairs.

For comfort, think of it as just a temporary situation. January will be here soon and the dinners and celebratory brunches will be over, and it will be easier to maintain your routine.

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