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Rest Exercise
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One of the most common mistakes when we dedicate ourselves to an exercise routine is forgetting the need to give recovery time to our body. This is true for novice and more experienced athletes alike, although perhaps for different reasons. Rest is part of the exercises and complements them, it has the same weight and the same importance that silence has for music, which could not exist without breaks.

Although we tend to feel guilty when we take a day off from exercise, that time is actually reflected in increased performance when we start again. And sometimes it's not about giving up on burning calories altogether, because it can be just as valid to let certain muscles rest with changing activity types (known as crosstraining). The simplest example would be to alternate between days of strength exercises and aerobic exercises, or to put more emphasis one day in certain areas, such as the legs, while in another exercise the arms.

Rest time varies depending on the intensity of the exercises and the level of training, as well as the needs of each person. For example, someone who has been running for years could rest one day a week, while a person who starts could run one day yes and another no. You should establish your rest days taking into account the characteristics of your program and listen to the suggestions of the coaches, as well as those of your own body.

These are some of the reasons for the importance of rest from exercises:

• It is necessary for the repair and strengthening of muscles.

• Few days off can lead to overtraining syndrome.

• It contributes to breaking the routine and helps to avoid psychological fatigue, which can undermine focus and motivation.

• Leave time available to achieve a balance between exercises and other daily obligations.

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