Canned Delights

Canned Delights
Canned Delights
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Considered harmful, harmful and unsavory, many people view canned food as villains in the supermarket. Reclaimed in times of dire need such as natural disaster emergencies and camping, canned food has a bad reputation that is largely exaggerated or unfounded. The truth is that today there is a wide variety of canned vegetables, meats and fish for all tastes and all requirements. Because they undergo the freshly harvested preservation process, canned vegetables contain as much dietary fiber and vitamins as fresh ones., and in some cases even more. Canned fish, such as salmon, tend to be of better quality and caught in the natural state, unlike most of those sold "fresh", which is farmed.

Here are some other false myths about canned foods that still persist:

• Lead from cans is harmful: Cans are made from tin or aluminum, usually fully recyclable.

• Canned foods contain preservatives: No preservatives are used in the preservation process. Vegetables are sterilized and cooked, and then protected by vacuum packaging.

• Canned food is carcinogenic: Some cans may contain small amounts of Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound that is present mostly in some plastic containers and, above all, could be harmful to babies and pregnant women. But if you want to avoid that danger, look for companies that don't use BPA in their cans.

In addition to the convenience that they do not need refrigeration and we can have them on hand for a quick dinner or lunch with all the necessary nutrients, other advantages of canned foods are that they have their content, their expiration date and their origin written clearly. That is why it is easy to select the healthiest or those that best fit a specific diet: low sodium, canned in water instead of oil and even gluten-free. Of course, it is important that when buying food in cans you make sure that they are not beaten, because the smallest hole can affect the healthiness of the content.

As for flavors and variety, the cans will also allow you to put on the table some excellent quality products that are difficult or impossible to find fresh in the United States, but that canned preserves from other countries do offer. It does not mean that you make the opener your favorite kitchen utensil, but you can use the cans from time to time without endangering the health or palate of your family.

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