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Green Tea
Green Tea
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When we talk about types of tea, it is evident that the color has more importance and significance than the simple appearance or taste. And although there is enough variety and combinations to satisfy the most demanding tastes, if it is about benefits for our health and well-being, green tea is the undisputed leader.

Like black tea, oolong, white and others, green is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, but the difference is in the way they are processed, which gives them different levels of oxidation. While the leaves of the plant undergo fermentation to obtain black tea and oolong, for green tea they are only steamed.

Why is it so special?

Being less processed, green tea has a higher concentration of the antioxidants known as catechins, in particular that which is called EGCG. This substance is responsible for its ability that ranges from fighting cancer to ensuring the health of the heart. Scientists do not stop conducting studies to corroborate the benefits of this infusion that has been known and used for thousands of years, as well as the daily amount that must be ingested to enjoy them. Although products such as tablets and green tea extracts are already offered, for those who like the taste, nothing can match the enjoyment of a steaming rate of that earth essence.

Here we tell you only ten of its most important benefits:

1. It has anti-cancer properties

2. It reduces hypertension and cholesterol

3. It strengthens the immune system

4. It is thought to help prevent and reduce the effects of arthritis

5. It is used to cure skin diseases, including acne.

6. It helps destroy the bacteria that cause indigestion and other stomach problems.

7. It reduces appetite and at the same time speeds up the rate at which our body burns fat.

8. Helps to heal gum diseases and prevent cavities

9. Increases energy, concentration and improves mood

10. If all this does not encourage you and you want to continue investigating, it is worth enjoying it just for its taste

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