Gifts Lovers Exercises

Gifts Lovers Exercises
Gifts Lovers Exercises
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You're probably already deep in the New Year's shopping marathon by now: Christmas decorations, exchanges of office presents, Christmas presents. If you have someone on your list who enjoys doing any type of workout, here are some gift ideas, at great prices:

GPS device for runners. If you don't want to spend time researching and comparing, you can go to insurance with Garmin products. Their Forerunner collection offers a wide variety of GPS styles (and prices) for runners or walkers, and they also have other products designed for bikes, and even for golf fans!

Vibram Fivefingers sneakers. If you find them ridiculous and doubt their effectiveness, you are not alone. I am not convinced by the idea that running barefoot or wearing those rare five-toed shoes is better than tennis, but you cannot deny that it will be an original gift.

Heart rate monitor for training. The most common fit the chest, but there are already some models that can be put on as an arm band … which is perhaps a better idea for us.

Gym membership or gift certificates for sessions with a personal trainer. This may be the last impulse for someone who is still undecided or lacks some motivation.

Road ID. For outdoor activities, whether it be running, skiing or hiking, an excellent way to have all the contact information or specific health requirements on a tablet.

One-year subscription to a specialized magazine or an Internet site such as or

Adjustable dumbbells.They look like bulky dumbbells, but they can be graduated and when you lift them you only take the weight you choose. It is almost like a miniature gym for those who do not have much space.

Stationary bicycle. If you give up on sophisticated and almost always unnecessary functions, it's surprising how many excellent quality models you'll find for just over a hundred dollars.

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