Tips Common Sense Exercise

Tips Common Sense Exercise
Tips Common Sense Exercise
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Many compare the habit of exercising with an addiction. As with less healthy dependencies, some people are measured while others are more passionate and almost obsessively caught up in fever. But to any of the two groups you belong to (or an intermediate phase) in your way of approaching the concern and care of your physique, it is important not to stop learning and receiving information. Specialized magazines and blogs are a good source, but you should also listen to the advice of experts and the occasional teaching of popular wisdom.

Here are some basic tips that may be useful for your routine, but are often unknown or forgotten:

Check the laces: Is there anything more annoying than when your shoelaces are untied in the middle of a race? The solution is simple: change the order. Instead of running the second part of the loop forward over the first part, do it backwards. The two "ears" of the bow should be straight to the sides.

Don't neglect lubrication: That nasty chafing irritation on the inside of your thighs? Thing of the past with a little petroleum jelly.

The last of your shoes: The feet become inflamed during the race. To avoid blisters and nail injuries, buy half a larger number. And don't forget to replace them every 250 to 500 miles!

Break the routine: Change the combination and frequency of exercises every 4 to 6 weeks to avoid falling on the "plateau".

Cover the weak points: If you exercise outdoors in winter, you must wear a hat. Your body loses the greatest amount of heat precisely through the head. And don't go out without gloves!

Rest: This is explained alone. Your body (and your mind) need recovery and relaxation time. At least one day a week you have to abstain from your "addiction".

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