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Macarela Fish
Macarela Fish

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Blue fish, named for the bright bluish tone of their skin, are considered to be those that contain more than 6% fat in their composition. Needless to say, this percentage is not a negative thing, because it is the type of omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids, the ones that are most recommended for us to consume for their health benefits.

Among these fatty fish, salmon tends to be almost always the one that monopolizes all the glory, but there is a list of less known or less consumed species that have similar characteristics: anchovies, bonito, herring, and verdel. With a generally more affordable price, perhaps one of the last places on that "popularity" list is occupied by different types of mackerel, among other things because its availability in the market is much more limited. Similar in appearance but with marked differences, there are countless more or less related species that inhabit the cold waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, but in the United States it is more common to find mackerel or xarda (Atlantic Mackerel) andel carite (Spanish Mackerel).

These are some of the contributions of mackerel:

• Excellent source of protein and essential amino acids.

• High content of beneficial fats for the prevention of heart disease.

• Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Where to get mackerel?

If you are not lucky enough to live in a fishing area, you do not have an Asian market or a specialized fish market nearby, that can be a difficult task. However, you also have the option to look for some canned goods and that widens your odds. On the other hand, there are also many Internet distributors that guarantee the next day shipping. Of course, before unfolding your imagination with new recipes, keep in mind that larger fish tend to have a higher content of mercury, which can be dangerous for pregnant women and young children, so it is recommended that you focus on the species with the lowest size.

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