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Food Teeth
Food Teeth
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It would seem too obvious to talk about the relationship between the health of the teeth and the food we eat. After all, teeth are precisely one of the main tools we have to "prepare" the nutrients that our body will later assimilate. In addition, from a young age we hear our parents repeat over and over "that sweets can cause cavities." But, both for our children and for ourselves, it is good to know that it is not only foods and drinks with high sugar content that threaten dental health. Furthermore, there are other foods and drinks that have a positive effect on teeth.

Here we tell you some of the main "bad" and "good" foods:

Good food for teeth

Fruits and vegetables: Due to their high fiber content, they clean the teeth and stimulate the flow of saliva that serves to neutralize acids.

Water: It is important for teeth and gums. When the water contains fluorine, it also helps prevent cavities and strengthens the enamel.

Dairy Products: Calcium and phosphate help replenish minerals in teeth.

• Green tea and black tea: Polyphenols help to reduce bacteria that cause dental plaques.

Nuts: Peanuts and walnuts of all kinds provide minerals and vitamins, stimulate saliva and clean teeth.

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