Super Bowl Snacks Less Calories

Super Bowl Snacks Less Calories
Super Bowl Snacks Less Calories
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Surely this Sunday you will sit in front of the television to enjoy the football game between the AFC and NFC champions. This time the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will seek the championship title in Super Bowl XLVI. Even if you do not follow the sport very closely, chances are that you will be seduced that day by the ingenious commercials, the musical show in between or the temptation of snacks.

And the fact is that the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events of the year in the United States, but also one of the best excuses to drink beer in large quantities and eat an infinite list of snacks and snacks overloaded with fats and calories.. After all, it is once a year, as the saying goes … it doesn't hurt. But if that philosophy does not convince you, or if you do not want to succumb to saturated fats, not even on the "national day of excesses", you can always look for healthier alternatives. While celebrating, the key is in the substitution: fewer calories with the same flavor.

Here are some suggestions for healthy snacks for Super Bowl Day:

• Instead of chips, eat pretzels. Pretzels are usually baked, while the chips are fried and have more fat. To control sodium, look for low-salt pretzels.

• If you can't resist the chips, choose the baked ones. Also, look for those that do not have extra flavors: the fewer ingredients they have, the fewer chemicals that your body does not need to consume.

• A little creativity: Make some bruschettas with a baguette made from whole wheat flour and olive oil. Top them with a mixture of fresh tomato, garlic and basil.

• No to the nachos. Don't limit yourself to Tex-Mex and go to the same source. Combine authentic crispy Mexican corn tortillas (or organic tortilla chips) with a good homemade sauce, such as pico de gallo or guacamole.

Humus. Whether made by yourself or purchased (don't neglect the ingredients!) This chickpea paste is as delicious as it is nutritious. Accompany it with oven- roasted pita bread wedges.

• Visit the mother country. For the Spanish, soccer is soccer, but that does not stop you from exploring some traditional tapas to watch the game: some mushrooms sauteed with garlic in extra virgin olive oil will be a delicious and nutritious option.

• Drink beer… Finally, you will have to quench your thirst! But don't go for soft drinks or sodas. Not even with the "diet" you will do your body a favor. Choose beer, in moderation. Better yet, look for the low-calorie ones: some brands have them with between 64 and 100 calories.

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