Gluten Free Diet Lose Weight

Gluten Free Diet Lose Weight
Gluten Free Diet Lose Weight
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One of the latest fads related to nutrition is to have a gluten-free diet to lose extra pounds, improve health … or perhaps to follow the example of a celebrity or athlete who praises the advantages of this form of diet. But what is the reason for this stir? Perhaps the increasing disclosure about celiac disease and the increase in the supply of gluten-free products in regular supermarkets, and even in celiac dishes on restaurant menus.

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and other cereals, is the cause of the symptoms of intolerance that people with celiac suffer, such as inflammation and other intestinal disorders, so they are forced to give up for life to the foods that contain it. But can giving up gluten be beneficial for healthy people? First of all, it is not recommended to start such a radical diet without consulting a specialist, and that also applies to those who begin to feel some discomfort and suspect that they may have gluten sensitivity.

Secondly, as a temporary experiment, although it may motivate you to introduce a greater variety of grains in your diet, you must take into account some important questions to avoid wasting time or ending up damaging your health:

• If you don't resort to quality alternative carbohydrates that do not contain gluten (brown rice, quinoa, corn), you would be missing a key element for a balanced diet.

• If you don't eat dietary fiber, you may have other digestive problems.

• Some foods made without gluten contain more fats and sugar than normal.

• Although many people lose weight and feel better when they stop consuming foods with gluten, that is because they limit processed carbohydrates. Eating simple, unprocessed foods is best for your body. If you are not celiac, there is no reason to give up gluten.

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