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Because I have such a fast life, I get sick frequently and those who work with me know it. So … these days, talking to my friend and "health coach" Luana Hervier, I was "scolding" as a little girl, when I confessed that I was on my way to the pharmacy because I felt I was going to get sick. Luana literally said to me "if you have prevention and medicine in your kitchen, why don't you use it?" Friends, I have kept quiet to let her speak:

The way to prevent colds is to frequently add ingredients to your meals and recipes that help you maintain a stronger system. For example:

Lemon: The vitamin C contained in lemon will go a long way in keeping cold and flu viruses away from us. In addition, lemon and honey tea is known to all as a fever remedy.

Echinacea: It will avoid many flu and colds, since it keeps your immune system in shape. Get echinacea in natural stores.

Bee Pollen: Natural energizer and source of health. Pollen contains, in a very complete way, all the essential elements for the life of every organism, elements that could not be obtained artificially or with the most sophisticated methods. Get pollen in natural stores.

Spirulina: If there is something I always recommend, it is spirulina, “the food of the future”; Among all its fantastic properties, this algae improves the immune system. Get spirulina in natural stores.

Garlic: It is excellent to prevent all kinds of infections. Garlic is the most powerful natural antibiotic there is, but without the side effects of chemical drugs.

Brewer's yeast: It is a perfect food supplement to keep defenses high, which also cares for your hair and nails. Get brewer's yeast in natural stores.

And finally, never stop moving your body with exercise to keep that immune system strong, of course by eating well, as natural and fresh as possible and never stop listening to Grandma's advice, they know how to heal us naturally and how prevent all kinds of diseases naturally, without the side effect of any medication.

"May your food be your only medicine" … words with light from Luana.

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