Healthy Diet Nuts

Healthy Diet Nuts
Healthy Diet Nuts
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The nuts, which we often refer to as nuts, although these are only one of them, have always been present in the diet of the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, have even been part of the Christmas tradition in Latin American countries But only in recent years have they become popular in the United States and their consumption, as part of a healthy diet, is increasingly common.

This is largely due to its nutritional properties, as an excellent vegetable alternative to animal protein, its high content of unsaturated fats, its content of calcium and vitamins such as E and C, antioxidants that contribute to fighting diseases and delaying aging, vitamin B, which helps fight exhaustion, stress and symptoms associated with the days leading up to menstruation.

The success of the nuts is also due to the fact that they are delicious and versatile: in addition to their specific and unmistakable forms, each one has its distinctive flavor and can be eaten the same as a snack or as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts, the same salty than natural, and even with sugar or even covered in chocolate.

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You can eat nuts for pure pleasure, but if you want to add them to your menu to complement a healthy diet, you must take into account some details to get the most benefit:

Consume them in measure: They are a highly caloric food and most nuts have more than 500 calories in every 100 grams.

They are proteins, but they are not meat: When incorporating them to replace animal protein in a vegetarian diet, do not forget that they do not contain many amino acids necessary for the body.

Avoid salt: Buy nuts without salt or with little salt. Too much salt is not only harmful to people with hypertension, it also forces you to drink too much water and makes your kidneys work harder.

Chew well: Nuts can be indigestible if not chewed well, so the elderly and children should consume them carefully.

Don't eat the shells: It's not a joke. The shells of nuts can contain a poisonous gas. Also the nuts that start to mold contain toxic substances.

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