Get Ready For Bikini Exercises Arms Legs

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Get Ready For Bikini Exercises Arms Legs
Get Ready For Bikini Exercises Arms Legs
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To complete your workout and feel ready to steal all eyes on the beach this summer with your two-piece swimsuit, it is not enough to get rid of a couple of extra little books and tone the abdomen, pecs and glutes, but It is also key that you exercise so that your arms and legs are in shape.

A simple and classic exercise that you can do to tone your arms and legs at the same time are jumping jacks, which in addition to serving as a warm-up for any routine when we do them for a few short minutes, can be extended in time as a way of aerobic exercises and thus receive the same cardiovascular benefits that report running or jogging.

This jumping modality works a large number of muscles of the back, hips and even the abdomen, but also those of the extremities, such as twins and deltoids, just to mention two of them. You do not need any accessory to perform this exercise, but it is highly recommended that you choose a place in the house with enough space so that you do not stumble or, if the weather is nice, you can do them outdoors, and while you breathe fresh air.

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How to do jumping jacks

From the starting position, standing with your legs together and your arms extended to the sides of the body, slightly bend your knees to propel yourself and jump by opening your legs out to the sides.

• Simultaneously, raise your arms above your head (you can end with a slap).

• Jump again by lowering your hands next to the body and putting your legs together again. It is important that you avoid flexing your elbows when you extend your arms up well so that you exercise your shoulders more.

• The complete movement of opening the legs and returning to the starting position counts as one repetition. Start slowly with five repetitions and increase the intensity of the exercise and the repetitions.

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