Protect Strengthen Knees Exercises

Protect Strengthen Knees Exercises
Protect Strengthen Knees Exercises

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Despite the fact that it has been proven time and time again that we have nothing of the weaker sex, there is at least one feminine weakness that we have to admit: our knees. And it's not that our legs are less resistant, but that point of the largest joint in the body is, according to studies, about six times more likely to suffer injuries in women than in men. This is due to both hormonal and anatomical reasons. On the one hand, female hormones tend to weaken ligaments. On the other hand, the female hips, considerably wider than those of the opposite sex, cause a greater impact on the knees.with movement. Knee injuries are not unique to female runners and exercisers, even sedentary people can suffer from them. And although we cannot do anything against hormones or alter our physique, it is possible to protect ourselves with some changes in activity and with the appropriate techniques.

Ways to protect your knees:

Exercise your muscles. The exercises help to strengthen the leg muscles, which in turn serve as protection and stabilization for the joints. Don't limit yourself to just one group: get them all to work, from the front and back to the inside of the thighs.

Exercise shoes

Select your activities. Not all sports affect the knees equally, and especially if you tend to injure yourself easily you should choose less impact sports, such as cycling.

Run on flat surfaces. Elevations, going up and down when you run, affects tendons more.

Limit rotations. Rotation of the hips and knees increases the likelihood of damaging the knee ligaments.

Wear knee pads. Knee braces generally do not guarantee that you will not injure yourself, but they aid recovery and are additional protection.

Avoid being overweight. One of the main causes of diseases like osteoarthritis and other joint injuries is obesity. Maintain a healthy weight to ease the burden!

Check with your doctor. The pains in the knees are very varied and can have very different causes. If you have severe or very persistent pain, be sure to see a specialist.

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