Improve Diet Small Changes

Improve Diet Small Changes
Improve Diet Small Changes

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Video: Improving Health with Small Changes to Diet and Exercise 2023, January

Like all good Latin women, we like strong seasoned food, and why not, even with a little spice, and we have a tendency to associate diets with deprivation and "hospital food." And sometimes we think that to eat well you have to make huge sacrifices, give up culinary pleasures and fill your plate with tasteless and boring foods. But the truth is that in many cases you can incorporate healthier food into everything we eat on a daily basis, and do it practically without us noticing … and even without them noticing, or at least without our husbands and children declare on hunger strike.

Here we offer you seven changes that you can make in your diet to eat healthier while still enjoying your favorite combinations:

1. Instead of butter or margarine, use extra virgin olive oil. Whether for cooking or to add a touch of flavor to a slice of bread, in addition to incorporating an intense flavor, you will be changing the saturated and trans fats for omega 3.

2. Change color: Use rice and whole wheat pasta in all your recipes. A little darker and with a stronger flavor, they are loaded with dietary fiber and many nutrients that their lighter versions do not have. And they fill more!

3. Change vegetables. Instead of lettuce, use spinach, arugula, or some other deep green leaf in your salads. Lettuce is delicious, but it is the least nutritious of all.

4. Do not stop making pancakes, pancakes or sweets … but usewholemeal flour instead of white flour.

5. Swap the peanut butter for the almond butter. Both are a good source of protein, but the second contains less fat (although it is monounsaturated and therefore healthier, it provides you with more calories).

6. Drink low-fat or skim milk. Or better yet, use yogurt instead of milk and take advantage of healthy bacteria. Try it with granola cereal!

7. Instead of drinking juice, eat the fruits. You will be consuming more fibers, so necessary for the body, and you will reduce calories.

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