Eliminate Spinning Fat

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Eliminate Spinning Fat
Eliminate Spinning Fat
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To burn calories, any physical activity is good. And pedaling on exercise gym bikes is no exception. But as with all workouts, higher intensity represents more effort and greater benefits in less time, so the difference between getting on a stationary bike reluctantly moving your legs in front of the TV and a real spin class is like comparing a dial connection up (does anyone remember?) with a fiber optic.

What is spinning? Although it involves many turns of pedals, for those who do not know it, the name can be misleading. But this popular aerobic routine is nothing more than a special bicycle exercise method that is usually done in groups, in classes organized and led by an instructor, to the rhythm of music that serves as motivation. When carried out indoors, spinning can not only be the main exercise but also an alternative for the days when the weather is not ideal to enjoy the outdoors, or to add variety to your physical activities.

Protect your knees

The spinning classes are intense, but they are adjusted to the level of each person. For example, you can regulate the intensity by controlling the resistance of the bikes, the pedaling cadence and the position of the body. The enthusiasm of the instructors, the changes of rhythm, the music and the use of lights help to avoid boredom and monotony. So sweating to lose a few pounds almost becomes a fun time.

Advantages of spinning classes

• No need for special clothes or shoes. You only need your exercise outfit, a sweat towel and a bottle of water. Some spinning bikes have pedals with the hooking system of racing bikes, but in many you can pedal with tennis.

• It is an entertaining routine to lose weight with benefits for the cardiovascular system, muscles and to reduce stress.

• You can do it all year round and at any time.

• You are on a bicycle, but you do not have to wear a helmet.

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