Less Junk Food Vacation

Less Junk Food Vacation
Less Junk Food Vacation
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When we go on vacation, we leave determined to relax and break the routine of our daily lives to recharge the batteries. But, with this state of mind we also tend to compromise in terms of our eating habits and exercise program, and we return from our vacation paradise with great experiences, thousands of souvenirs and a few extra pounds.

That is why it is better to have some alternatives on hand to avoid junk food when you go on vacation and are away from your kitchen and your favorite dishes.

Eat less fast food. Overcome the temptation of moderate prices and that of "better known bad than good to know". Try not to eat in fast food outlets, and if you do, look for healthy options like salads and fruits.

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Control the portions. In many restaurants the amount of food on the plates is enough to feed two or more people. Order small portions or share the dishes with your companion.

Don't forget the supermarkets. Being on vacation does not force you to always eat in restaurants. Many supermarkets offer alternatives such as sandwiches, salads and even sushi, which can be more beneficial for your health and for your pocket. And you can read the ingredients!

Prepare snacks. If you eat frequently, you will be less hungry when you sit at the table and you will have more control against temptations. But instead of depending on what you find on the street, always carry some fruit, a granola bar or nuts as emergency food. Try to always have a healthy option in the room or in the car.

Drink plenty of water. In addition to purifying, eliminating toxins and helping you eat less, water relieves the symptoms of jetlag and refreshes you when you spend time in the sun. Also, having your thirst under control will help you think less about drinking sodas and other calorie-packed drinks.

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