Play Beach Volleyball Burn Calories

Play Beach Volleyball Burn Calories
Play Beach Volleyball Burn Calories
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As relaxing as it is to lie in front of the sea, daisy in hand and protected from the sun with glasses and a hat, you will agree that it is not a type of summer activity that contributes a lot to keeping fit and burning calories. Without giving up the vacation spirit, there are alternatives to sunbathing without lifting a finger, listening to music or reading a book, that will help you stay on your weight or lose a few pounds. The beach volleyball, as well as entertaining, is an aerobic exercise of moderate to high intensity that strengthens mainly the arms and legs.

As its name says, beach volleyball is typically played on the sand by the sea, although there are courts in parks and even indoors. With as few accessories as a net and a ball, this sport will make you jump, run, move from one side to the other and even scream and burn around 500 calories per hour while having fun. You also don't have to worry about clothes: you play in a bikini or swimsuit and barefoot!


Beach volleyball has the advantage that it can be played by two to eight people. With rules very similar to those of traditional volleyball, the objective of the game is to return the ball over the net to the opposing team without it touching the ground and no more than three touches per team are allowed. But you don't have to follow the rules to the letter, because using your imagination and a free style in addition to burning calories you can also develop flexibility, balance and reaction capacity. One thing is certain: you are going to have such a good time that you will hardly even realize how much exercise you did. It is true that you are going to sweat and get tired, but with the water two steps away, that will only be a wonderful excuse to take a plunge. And if you practice it often, you're likely to end the summer with a better body than the one you started with.

Tips for playing beach volleyball

• It is a fun game, but it is still a workout.

• You should always warm up before and stretch after playing.

• Avoid the hours when the sun is stronger, wear a cap and don't forget to apply sunscreen.

• Don't neglect hydration. Keep a bottle of water nearby and save the cocktail or beer for later.

• Play barefoot to increase the effect of exercise.

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