Post Abortion Syndrome Second Part

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Post Abortion Syndrome Second Part
Post Abortion Syndrome Second Part
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A year ago a friend had an abortion and after having done it she regretted … She is no longer the same, she cannot overcome what happened, she is always sad and full of regrets. How can I help her forget what happened and be happy again? Edualies asks

Talk about it

Many women may not even tell anyone about their abortion, or only confide it to a few people, and a large majority keep their feelings pretending that everything is fine. Abortion is not an easy situation to assimilate and although many women choose to ignore it, it is surely an event that will leave trauma in the future. To that extent, it is best to talk about it, with your trusted friends, with your partner, with your family or with whoever you feel can provide support without judging you. If you feel that you cannot speak to any of your loved ones, you can contact the Exhale line that offers services in Spanish. If the feeling of sadness lasts for several months or increases, it is advisable to seek professional help.

One way that can be effective in closing the cycle lived with regard to abortion is to perform a symbolic burial ceremony. You can choose to plant a beautiful plant on behalf of the baby that it would have been, write a farewell letter or put a message in a bottle and throw it in the water.

Post-abortion syndrome, part one

Don't judge yourself

It is normal that religious beliefs, morals that have been unfounded and the opinion of those around you make you feel very bad about abortion, but at the end of the day you are your cruellest executioner. Silence the voices of repentance, avoid calling yourself by names that hurt you and understand that if you made the decision, it was because you considered it the best at the time. Life is a constant flow of changes and although many times we are not satisfied with the result of our decisions, we must assimilate them as the learning they are.

Look forward

Getting caught up in the past, whatever the situation, will prevent you from seeing everything ahead. Concentrate on recovering, loving yourself, moving forward with your plans and if it comforts you, think that you will have the opportunity to have a baby when the conditions are ideal.

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