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Among the physical activities that are done on the beach, perhaps the most difficult and "exclusive" is surfing. To begin with, a glance at the bodies of people who practice this sport would be enough to feel intimidated: both men and women, in addition to being almost all slender, tanned and full of muscles without a drop of fat, have a characteristic ease of their lifestyle that makes them seem from another universe. But, even if you are not in the Cameron Díaz club, you can also have fun and burn some calories on the waves during your summer vacation, or at least have a novel experience and learn a couple of phrases and gestures from the cool world of surfers.

How to learn surfing

If you set your mind to it and you have a minimum of good physical shape, even age will not prevent you. As in everything, in surfing there are also different levels of skill and complexity, different styles and you do not necessarily have to practice in those spectacular waves several meters high that are seen in the movies. There are even boards designed for beginners that will help you keep your balance and reduce your risk of injury. Although you can undertake that mission alone (and if you are athletic and dexterous enough you could even learn without an instructor with the help of videos and advice on the Internet), the ideal would be for you to agree with a friend or join a group of people who they begin to learn. In many beach resorts there areschools to learn surfing, and there are even tour packages designed for it, so you could organize all your surf vacations.

First steps

Choose your board. The ideal board to start surfing is different for each person, but in general, the size is important: the longer it is, the easier it will be for a beginner.

Change your look. The habit does not make the monk, but in this sport it is very necessary. Buy various types of clothing according to the water temperature, glasses and other accessories.

Go to school. Find training centers near where you live to receive basic knowledge, it doesn't matter if you are going to learn alone or are going to receive courses at a resort.

Look at the weather forecast. No matter how fast you learn, you will not master all the techniques from the beginning. Start in calmer waters and leave the waves over two feet high for your graduation.

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