Running Summer Tips Heat

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Running Summer Tips Heat
Running Summer Tips Heat
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In recent weeks, almost the entire United States felt the high temperatures caused by a heat wave that seemed endless. For those of us who do physical activities outdoors, extreme temperatures, relentless humidity and sun are factors that can make us think twice before leaving the house to burn calories. And since the summer is still a long way off, we want to share some tips to keep you active when thermometers mark more than two figures. Although we focus on runners, many resources are also valid for cyclists, tennis players or any other warrior of the tracks in summer.

Tips for running in summer:

Get up early. Sunrise, although it may be humid, is the coolest time of day. Sunset may also be an option, but the reflection of the ground makes it take a long time for the heat to dissipate.

Run on trails instead of asphalt. In addition to being protected from the shade of trees, natural surfaces do not reflect heat like asphalt or concrete. Try running near a stream or river to cool down a couple of degrees.

Drink plenty of fluids. Drink even if you are not thirsty. Hydrate well before you go out and don't stop taking several sips frequently. To make your water or sports drink last longer fresh, freeze your bottles from the night before.

Run slowly. If your body is collaborating with your mind, don't abuse its cooperation. Reduce the pace and distance you usually run.

Wear the right clothes. Wear light, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and fabrics designed for running! The type of material that allows sweat to evaporate will keep you cooler. Don't forget to protect yourself from the sun with glasses, a cap (or better yet, a visor that lets the heat escape from your head).

Be cautious. Runners find it difficult to hand over their weapons: many run with pain, discomfort, and even colds. But a heat wave is something you should take seriously, when there is a warning of dangerous conditions, look for an alternative indoors or enjoy a well-deserved day of rest … in air conditioning.

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