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Pizza Healthy Food
Pizza Healthy Food
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Pizza, along with hot dogs and soft drinks, is one of the first places on all the junk food lists that we should avoid to protect our health. At the same time, it is one of the most coveted meals for children and adults, and there are so many options of combinations that it is almost impossible to find someone who does not enjoy any of its variants. But how can you savor a good pizza without sabotaging your efforts to eat healthily? Luckily, you don't have to limit yourself to boring dishes to take care of our bodies and it is very easy to integrate pizza into a balanced and healthy diet. And since you won't always have the budget or the opportunity to sit at a gourmet pizzeria table, there are many steps you can take yourself to enjoy this dish without being a calorie load.

To transform pizza into healthy food:

The base of the dough. Limit the amount of refined carbohydrates by opting for fine, New York-style pizzas. Better yet, look for whole wheat dough or prepare your own dough with a recipe of your choice that will also save you from preservatives.

• Add sauce. Tomato sauce is a good source of lycopene and vitamins. But try to stay away from industrial sauces that have additives and sugars. It is preferable that you prepare your own sauce or use fresh tomatoes instead.

Less cheese, better cheese. No one imagines a pizza without cheese. But in addition to protein and calcium, cheeses provide plenty of saturated fat and tons of calories. Limit the amount of cheese, especially the fatty ones. Instead of volume, stick to better quality and more intense flavor - experiment with goat or gorgonzola cheeses, for example, but in smaller quantities.

Avoid meats. At least try not to eat processed ones, like pepperoni and other sausages that can be carcinogenic. Try adding chicken, shrimp, or some other more natural animal protein alternative.

Loading of vegetables. Use your imagination and turn pizza into a vegetarian dish - mushrooms, peppers, spinach, olives, and onions are just a few of the thousands of options out there.

Servings. Sure, as healthy as the dish is, you won't achieve much by eating too much. Control the portions and focus better on the flavor!

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