Diet Food More Iron

Diet Food More Iron
Diet Food More Iron
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Although to follow a healthy and balanced diet no matter what sex we are, we must take into account the nutritional needs of women due to our physiological differences compared to men. One of these distinctive marks of our sex is the need to consume a greater quantity of iron. Iron is necessary, among other functions, to produce hemoglobin, which is in charge of transporting oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide.

Due to numerous reasons, in addition to blood loss during the menstrual cycle, deficiency of this mineral in the body affects us more often than men. It is likely that if you have suffered from anemia or experienced the annoying symptoms of iron deficiency, you have been prescribed supplements to increase the consumption of this nutrient. And it is true that supplements can be useful, even for pregnant women, but you should not start taking them without consulting your doctor to determine your needs and personal characteristics.

But you can also increase iron intake through your diet, and in many cases perhaps that is enough. These are some foods that will help you to not lack iron in your blood. And very important, for the body to better assimilate iron, it is advisable to consume these foods with others that are a source of vitamin C:

Red meat

Egg yolks

Dark-colored leafy vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, and different types of chard

Viscera. Beef or pork liver, giblets and even black pudding.


Beans, especially lentils and soy

Mollusks, such as oysters, scallops, mussels, etc.

Whole grains

• Fruits such as blueberries and water melon.

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