Vitamin A Diet

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Vitamin A Diet
Vitamin A Diet

Video: Vitamin A Diet

Video: Vitamin A Diet
Video: Vitamin A: Sources, Functions, Deficiencies - Dr. Eric Berg 2023, September

It turns out that when the carrot is said to be good for the eyes, and is jokingly shown by asking if we've ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses, the joke is truer than we can imagine. The vitamin A, one of the fat - soluble vitamins, helps build and maintain healthy skin, teeth, bones and other tissues and membranes -and it is also essential to the retina! Vitamin A directly influences the functions of sight, and when we do not incorporate the necessary amount into our diet, we can be affected by visual acuity and be a victim of other eye related ailments.

In addition to its active form, which is also known as retinol for the reason mentioned above, carotenoids, some pigments found in some plants, can be transformed into vitamin A. One of these pigments, which you have probably heard of, is a antioxidant called beta carotene. The beta carotene protects cells against free radicals, so in addition to their anti - cancer properties, helps delay aging.

The advantages of calcium.

There are many foods that contain vitamin A, but most of them are also high in saturated fat. On the other hand, there are the vegetables and fruits that contain beta carotene, which are also rich in dietary fiber, many other vitamins and have no fat or cholesterol. However, despite its benefits and the advantage of protecting yourself from infections, you should be careful with vitamin A and consult your doctor to make sure that you consume only the necessary amount, since its excessive presence or hypervitaminosis can be toxic and very harmful.

These are some foods that, if they will not help you get rid of your glasses like the rabbit, they will make you healthier.

Foods with vitamin A

• Liver and meat

• Milk and other dairy products

• Yolk

• Fatty fish

Foods with beta carotene

• Carrot

• Pumpkin

• Sweet potatoes

• Apricots

• Broccoli, spinach and others with an intense green color

• Melon (cantaloupe)