Advantages Exercises

Advantages Exercises
Advantages Exercises
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Did you know that you can avoid and treat hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis or fibromyalgia, just by combining medical treatment with a frequent gym routine? Get moving!

Is powerfull. And it's proven. Exercising can change your health. In addition to helping to shape muscles -and reduce those areas that we find so hard to lose with a diet-, maintain a healthy weight, delay aging and free ourselves from stress. It is a preventive agent against diseases.

"Performing a light exercise routine in short periods improves health and physical condition, reduces the risk of developing diseases and encourages mood," says health educator Irmarie Virella, MPH, BHE. Likewise, Wilhelm Hollmann, trainer of the Power Plate technique, a vibrating platform on which exercise routines are performed at a minimum frequency of 30Hz, underlines the importance of exercising beyond age. “It is never too late to do them. If you eat well and exercise correctly, you will get good results.” However, before starting any training it is vital to consult the doctor. "The doctor must explain what the limitations are - if any - when doing the exercise and give you the authorization to start a program," emphasizes Hollmann.Both recommend a routine of no more than 40 minutes three to five days per week.


"When blood pressure is high, it can affect the heart, eyesight, and kidneys because blood runs throughout the body. A normal pressure should be below 120/80”, explains Virella.

What exercises are recommended? Aerobics, dancing, walking, and jogging. "That kind of routine causes the muscle to contract and relax, which helps lower the pressure and keep it under control. In addition, it reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, "says the health educator. Hollman adds that the heart is strengthened, while fat and cholesterol levels are reduced. "The more muscle mass, the more calories your body burns."

What exercises should be avoided? Weightlifting is contraindicated because it requires additional force and holds your breath, explains Hollmann. Diving, boxing or mountain climbing are not recommended. Virella adds that those should not be performed in which the arms are raised too high over the head, because they could cause an increase in blood pressure and respiratory rate.

Warning: During exercise watch that the systolic pressure does not increase to more than 200. Wear a watch that takes the pulse.

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