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Danina Cow Milk
Danina Cow Milk
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If you grew up listening to how much good drinking milk does us and how much calcium and protein it provides us, and have you followed the different Got Milk campaigns? You will be surprised by the statements of those who believe that milk is one of the worst foods we can consume. Although the dangers of disease transmission with pasteurization have been eliminated over time, it has been recommended to eat less animal fat by consuming skim dairy products, and it has been advised to use fermented derivatives such as yogurt and kefir, Much more favorable for digestive balance, some nutritionists like Vivian Goldschmidt advise against consuming it.

The point of view of Goldschmidt, founder of Save Our Bones, has gained strength, scientific foundations and followers. And although experts agree that with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet it is not at all serious to consume dairy products two or three times a week, these are some compelling reasons for you to consider a change in your eating habits.

Reasons to stop consuming milk:

• After three years of age, humans stop producing the enzyme necessary to process lactose. More than 75% of the world's population is unable to digest milk, so lactose intolerance is not an exception, but the norm.

• Cows receive treatments with genetically modified hormones to increase milk production. Those hormones can affect the health and fertility of women who drink cow's milk.

• The high protein content of milk causes a pH imbalance in our bodies, and this causes bones to lose calcium and weaken, rather than strengthen.

• Consuming calcium and dairy products in high amounts decreases IGF-1 growth factor levels and increases the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Lauren Slayton, MS, RD from FoodTrainers recommends that if you decide not to consume any dairy product, you should get calcium by eating sardines, green vegetables, and beans. Additionally, both Lauren Slayton and Vivian Goldschmidt recommend almond milk for coffee and cereals.

Remember that it is important that you always consult these types of decisions with your doctor.

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