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Control Diet
Control Diet
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Many women have the firm intention of losing weight or, if we are lucky enough to see the number we want on the scale, we strive to stay on the line so that we do not have to change our size. But this mission, which often involves making some sacrifices in our daily diet, puts us in danger of neglecting our health, suffering from starvation … or both at the same time. To find a solution to this dilemma, we consulted with Jennifer Christman, RD, LDN, licensed dietitian and nutritionist and Clinical Nutrition Manager for Medifast, a company dedicated to nutrition and weight loss.

Keep hunger at bay

Jennifer recommends that we turn to meal replacements, which are usually sold as powders to make smoothies or smoothies. Many companies offer this type of product, including Medifast, but Jennifer emphasizes that we make sure to find a brand that contains the amount of fiber and protein that gives us a feeling of fullness. Here are some other of her tips:

• Eat little, but eat frequently to avoid feeling hungry.

Drink plenty of water. Sometimes the feeling of dehydration can be confused with hunger. "Drink eight ounces of water and wait before reaching for a snack," advises Jennifer.

• Eat breakfast no more than an hour after getting up. Opt for a well-balanced breakfast that contains some type of lean protein, whole grains, some low-fat or low-fat dairy and lots of fruit. As Jennifer says well, "this is an extraordinary way to start the day."

The best strategy to avoid getting fat again

The battle against the extra kilos is not a temporary thing. If we “behave well” only for a few days or a few months, and then return to the same routine that made us lose control, we will be victims of the classic yo-yo effect; in other words, it goes up and down. The key is to “focus on the behavioral changes that have been shown to be effective in losing weight,” and keep ourselves in constant control of weight and food intake.

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