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Video: I lost 50lbs on a BBQ diet. Keto friendly BBQ meal ideas for your new years grill resolutions diet 2023, February

Summer is the best time of year to have fun with outdoor parties. Either to celebrate the 4th of July or with any pretext that we can think of to meet in a park with friends or family. And there are two things that are almost never missing in these meetings: water games, whether in the pool or on the beach, and a grill or grill. And although in general what is prepared in those bbq rather moves away from what a healthy dish should be, that does not mean that we have to give them up. But how can we avoid neglecting the diet ? Jenn Zerling, an expert in nutrition and physical exercises and author of the book Breaking the Chains of Obesity (Break the chains of obesity), ensures that we should not fear that the bbq will lead us away from our goals related to health … as long as we prepare in advance.

This slender fitness guru shares with us some tips to have a good time and maintain our weight. Zerling recommends that we do the following:

• Before going to the meeting place, eat small meals during the day. That way you will avoid getting hungry and therefore more vulnerable to temptations.

• Exercise with a high-intensity interval routine before going to the party, even if it's only about 20 minutes. It is not essential that you go to a gym or use sophisticated equipment or machines: running, jumping rope or a bike ride can be just as effective.

Drink plenty of water … and if that is not the only liquid you plan to drink, still do not stop consuming water while you have your favorite drink: that will help you clean the system and stay hydrated!

• Bring healthy dishes that you can eat without feeling guilty. That way you will also assume a leadership position, even if you are not the one in charge of the grid.

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