Super Foods Lose Weight

Super Foods Lose Weight
Super Foods Lose Weight
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Every day we have to decide what to eat or not to eat, and how to combine what we put on the plate so as not to be hungry, but not to gain weight either. And it's not uncommon that many times we leave something off the menu just because it gets too fat. Would you like delicious ingredients to help you lose weight or stay fit without much effort on your part? Let me tell you that without being completely magical, many foods give us a pleasant taste, without us having to worry much about how much we are going to increase.

Christine Avanti, celebrity nutritionist, French chef and author who has just published her second book, Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, shares with us seven superfoods against the extra pounds they will put on run your metabolism:

1. Artichokes: Artichokes contain inulin. This type of carbohydrate has been shown to decrease the amount of ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, which is what triggers your desire to eat.

2. Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper causes body heating and is thought to accelerate metabolism in this way. Chili pepper has a similar effect.

3. Cinnamon: According to a USDA study, consuming just half a teaspoon of this spice a day makes the body metabolize sugar 20 times faster!

4. Ginger: It has been concluded that ginger increases the feeling of satiety.

5. Algae: Alginate, a substance found in algae, covers the walls of the digestive system and prevents fat from passing through.

6. Tea: In addition to antioxidants, which make us burn fat, caffeine stimulates the process by which we burn fat to produce energy.

7. Vinegar: This classic ingredient in many salad dressings helps reduce blood glucose levels.

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