Beach Nutritional Options Diet

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Beach Nutritional Options Diet
Beach Nutritional Options Diet

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Now that the summer is ending, we want to take every opportunity to escape to the beach, and among the preparations there can be a few nutritious snacks so as not to neglect our diet and continue to look regal in a bathing suit. But many times in these cases maintaining a healthy diet becomes a challenge because we are more relaxed and we are not as vigilant with what we are going to eat. Of course, it is not only about looking for nutritious and balanced meals, but also avoiding that our bank account is emptied, so if we choose to pack some food or snack to take away and thus not have to buy it, our options point to dishes that are easy to transport.

Menu in the sun

Rice and beans with meat, corn tortillas with chicken, cheese and cream or a barbecue with chimichurri are delicious … but they are not very practical options to eat on the sand by the sea or on the shore of a lake. And the beach snacks, in addition to being nutritious, have to be easy to prepare. Here are some simple dish ideas that combine the main food groups and won't ruin your day of relaxation. Don't forget to include some disposable plates and cutlery:

Cold salads: They have great versatility, since you can prepare them with potatoes, pasta, or grains, with or without mayonnaise, and generally fruits are added and, as protein, salmon, tuna or chicken (they can be canned for more convenience).

Dip sauces: Depending on your preference, choose hummus, pico de gallo, guacamole or spinach sauce with cheese. For these you do not need or cutlery, just some chips, toasted pita bread or some nachos.

Sandwiches: One of the most universal and fastest meals. In addition to the meat and cheese of your choice, add some vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber slices, peppers, and tomato. A complete lunch between two slices of bread!

Cold Soups: In addition to gazpachos, explore the universe of refreshing veggie creams like cucumber, leek, and celery for the summer. If you carry them in a pot or a bottle, you won't even need a spoon.

Fruits: Not all fruits are as compact as apples. Have you tried to eat a mango without getting muddy? But in a few minutes you can prepare a fruit salad to eat on the beach without having to work. To keep them looking good and cold, add a little lemon juice and some frappé ice cubes. In addition, the fruits are low in fat, rich in fiber and highly digestive, so they will not leave your stomach bloated.

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