Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Weight Naturally
Lose Weight Naturally
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Do you remember seeing a yo-yo as a child? Yes, that toy that entertained you by quickly going up and down a thread with its round shape. Well that's where the term for diets comes from. Because like the yo-yo, almost all diets bounce, rise and fall in a hellish game; where the pounds are fighting and sticking to our body. What is the best way to lose weight naturally and keep it off?

After many years of self-study I have been able to identify why radical diets work momentarily, but then the body punishes us and puts on weight again. I have also found the relationship of the toxicity of our body with everything around us.

I can give you more than 100 diets that you should already know, but I thought it was more important to "start". Changes are always uncomfortable; even the good ones.

I am going to give you several steps that you can follow to make this change a few, but with the conviction that it can be achieved and start loving and pampering your body in a way … clean and natural. Here are my tips to lose weight naturally, and more importantly, keep it off:

1. Fast or rest of a day: Once a week, make a liquid diet. Take and eat only food in this form. Fruit juices, vegetable juices, liquefied soups and at night, some broth. In this way your body will feel that you give it a space to rest. It is incredible what you are going to feel. Do not think about hunger, believe me, you will survive. You can take a master detox reference here.

2. Do a liver cleanse before starting the change: There are many products on the market that already include a three-day cleanse where you must eat certain foods and take specific supplements for this process. You can read more here.

3. No to processed foods: Think about how grannies or our ancestors ate. Everything from the farm, everything local. Believe me, if you are looking for the local market in your area, the pounds will melt on their own. Preservatives in meats and fruits and vegetables that are not organic or tend to come from the other side of the planet are not good for your health.

4. Read the labels: We can't keep blaming the system. Read the labels. Do not buy genetically modified foods, with hormones or those that you cannot even read the ingredients. Change your cosmetics and what you clean with. Opt for products with natural ingredients, without parabens; and to clean, biodegradable products. You will feel a surprising change. Greenpeace has good information on this.

5. Out of what does not work: If you are surrounded by people who give you a bad vibe, little support in your life change and also criticize you all the time, it will cost you even more to lose weight and maintain it. I'm not saying you should throw away your best friend who has a few extra pounds. Motivate her to accompany you in this process and try to seek emotional support from people who want your good.


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Board Certified Health / Beauty Counselor AADP

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