Ximena González Metodo Estar Sana

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Ximena González Metodo Estar Sana
Ximena González Metodo Estar Sana
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“Go from surviving to living”, that's where the Colombian Ximena González's model comes from, ALIVE (or being alive in Spanish), which breaks the scheme by “unraveling” the individual from the pressures and modern lifestyles that threaten your well being.

With the motto "Change your chains for a pair of wings", Ximena uses ALIVE to present tools with which to reconnect with oneself and free oneself from "seriousness" - such as difficult experiences, emotional injuries, low self-esteem, etc. - that charge our spirit with negative energies. It is precisely these that promote dysfunctional lifestyles that result in depression, degenerative diseases, fatigue, obesity, etc.

Ximena, on the other hand, leads her participants to free themselves from that spiritual and emotional weight in order to achieve "lightness". In this way, the person discovers herself while creating new ways to optimize her physical health, emotional well-being and inner peace.

"I call it 'reconnecting with the Goddess who lives in you,'" says the holistic health expert.

And this Ximena knows it first hand. “I have had the privilege of having suffered from many illnesses, of having gone through a divorce after 12 years of relationship, of having lost myself time and time again in dysfunctional relationships, of having broken financially, of having been unfaithful, of having been I have been unfaithful, of losing my figure several times, of facing the loss of loved ones, of believing that I was not intelligent, of facing my parents' divorce”, he confesses. The key, he tells us, is knowing how to recognize the gift behind each adversity and to assume it as an element of growth instead of an obstacle on our way to happiness and physical health.

The most important thing for Ximena is to unravel ourselves from the daily hustle, and create space to love each other. That is why she advises us:

· Take time to prepare healthy meals.

· Spend time with your loved ones.

· Participate in hobbies that feed your soul

· Meditate and exercise.

· Contemplate landscapes.

· Express yourself artistically.

· Connect with nature.

· Play with your children.

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