Tips Not To Gain Christmas Weight

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Tips Not To Gain Christmas Weight
Tips Not To Gain Christmas Weight
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During the holiday season, it is inevitable not to gain weight. And it is that, if there is something that is not scarce anywhere, besides the decorations, the Christmas carols and the Christmas spirit, it is sweets, food and drinks of all kinds. And last but not least, Latinos on many occasions end up celebrating Christmas Eve, the 24th at night; and the Christmas one the same 25. From the roasted suckling pig to the guajalote, it is difficult to maintain weight and resist temptations. So how do you survive those days of delicious food?

The Dra. Sylvia Meléndez, registered dietitian, licensed dietitian and cooking expert and founder of Hispanic Nutrition, it comes to our aid with these helpful tips to lose weight or maintain weight during and after the holidays.

Is it possible not to gain weight this Christmas?

“The trick is to educate yourself on how much we should eat on a daily basis and not forget that portion control is one of the most powerful tools for staying fit. We must also adopt an exercise routine to have a balance between what we eat and the calories we burn, "he explains. To calculate the calories you need to lose weight (or maintain your weight), visit

What to do before, during and after the holidays?

“Try to eat a small snack or a large glass of water before arriving at the party. This will help you have better control of what you serve yourself. During the party, serve yourself on a small plate and stay away from the food table. Start talking and enjoying the atmosphere and company: focus on people, not food. After the party, it's best to try to eat a little less than usual the next day to offset the extra calories, along with a little more extra exercise.

Remember that if you like something that was made especially for you, you can ask them to pack it for you to take away and enjoy it for several days,”advises Dr. Meléndez.

Is there a dish or drink that you recommend?

Choose foods with fewer calories, such as fruits, vegetables, or any food prepared on the grill, baked, or steamed. Avoid those with a lot of cream, oil, or other high-calorie ingredient, and if you're going to eat them, get a small serving. A great option to enjoy the holidays with the family is to choose light or diet drinks. There are options such as beers or low-calorie wines and soft drink mini-cans with only 90 calories,”she recommends.

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