Alejandro Chaban Diet

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Alejandro Chaban Diet
Alejandro Chaban Diet

If you were among your New Year's weight loss, you will come great this interview we did to Alejandro Chaban, known actor, entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book De Gordo a Galán and creator of the diet Yes You Can!, designed for Hispanics. As a motivational speaker, Chabán shares his personal experience fighting obesity, anorexia and bulimia during his adolescence. If you lack motivation to follow your plans, here you can find it.

SM: How can we maintain our New Year's resolutions for diet and exercise?

• Write your purposes: Formulate each one in the present and positive so that you motivate yourself more. Instead of saying "this year I would like to try to lose weight," write "this year I promise to lose 15 pounds."

• Be Detailed: Very general purposes are easy to forget. Instead of saying, "This year I'm going to do more exercises," he writes, "Starting the first week of the year, I'm going to ride my bike for 35 minutes at least 3 days a week."

• Keep them in view: Put several copies of your list in different places in the house, so you don't forget them after a short time.

• Be realistic: The most important thing is that you reflect on what you really want and set goals that you can achieve. Things like "I want to lose 80 pounds in 1 month" are going to become frustrations. Start with 10 pounds in two months and adjust it if you see better results.

SM: Is it possible to maintain a healthy weight without starving?

We associate the word diet with starvation or with boring and tasteless food, but having a healthy eating plan that helps you lose weight can be delicious. To lose weight you must eat more! Ideally, you should eat 5 or 6 times a day in small portions to keep your metabolism accelerated and burn more calories. So you don't have to go hungry. Skipping meals is the same or worse than eating badly, because your body enters a state of emergency and its natural reaction is to store food as fat to have reserves. Every grain of rice you eat goes straight to your legs, abdomen, buttocks, or arms! Your body needs fat, carbohydrates, and protein for all its functions. So you must include these 3 micronutrients in your diet. But you must choose well, the carbohydrates must be whole,fats should be healthy (olive oil, avocado, almond butter).

SM: Can we lose weight eating our Latin dishes?

Until now there has never been a diet plan made by Latinos for Latinos, but Yes You Can! allows you to enjoy all Latin dishes. This plan allows you to eat bread, bananas, cassava, rice with chicken, arepas, tacos, fajitas, desserts and many other delicacies that we grew up with and that we never thought we could eat on a diet.

So the answer is yes, you can lose weight while enjoying all of your grandmother's flavors. The key is knowing how to measure your portions, knowing what time of day is the best to eat each food and how to combine your meals to avoid gaining weight.

An example of 3 dish options for an entire meal day from Yes You Can! Diet Plan would be:


- Huevos rancheros on corn toast

- Roasted corn arepa with roasted meat

- Empanadas of wholemeal flour and chia seeds with chicken


- Café mocha frappe with protein from Yes You Can! Diet Plan flavored with Choco Brownie

- Tuna in water with pico de gallo

- Yes You Can! Vanilla Protein Shake! Diet Plan


- Patacón stuffed with chicken or meat

- Shrimp fajitas with green peppers and avocado

- Grilled onion steak with baked sweet potato


- Chocolate and protein truffles

- Chicken taquito on lettuce

- Tuna sandwiches in co-collection


- Chiles stuffed with ground meat

- Tilapia ceviche with green salad

- Portobello mushroom chicken burgers