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Calories Valentine
Calories Valentine
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February 14 is the Day of Love and Friendship and together with the couples' anniversary dates, it is one of the most romantic days of the year. How do you imagine the ideal Valentine's Day with your partner? Some prefer to go out, others stay at home, but in a classic celebration you can not miss flowers, chocolate, a delicious candlelight dinner, good music and, of course, a drink that removes inhibitions and enlivens passion. However, if you are taking care of your figure or trying to lose a few pounds, the calories from alcohol, sugar and other cocktail ingredients can become a nightmare. Fortunately, from the selection of wines to the most whimsical combinations of flavors, there are many alternatives to enjoyOne or two drinks without losing control over your diet.

The wines

It is common to hear that a glass of wine (5 fl oz or 148 g) has 150 calories, but the truth is that with so much variety of grapes and types of wine, the amount can range between 110 and 300 calories per glass. You can use a calorie calculator on wine, and here we tell you the calories by the glass on some of the winning grapes so you have an idea:

• Beaujolais 115

• Riesling 118

• Sauvignon Blac 119

• Pinot Noir 121

Mixed drinks

If, on the other hand, your weakness is cocktails, there is no shortage of options. Although sugar or fruit juices are added to many of the refreshing drink mixes, it is possible to regulate the quantity, and even eliminate them: the real margarita, for example, only contains lemon, tequila and Triple sec … No sweeteners, much less bottled mixes. Consider some of these famous drinks that have passed the test of time and the censorship of the scale for being low in calories:

Special mojito: Without altering the amount of good herb, soda, rum or lemon, you just have to cut the amount of sugar in half.

Diet Rum and Coke: The name says it all, change the regular cola for a diet and voila! You will eliminate part of the calories.

Low calorie martinis: In the variety and creativity few cocktails outperform the martini. Without altering the amount of vodka (not gin!), Go for the Dirty Martini or Apple Martini, and limit sweet liqueurs.

With the help of ice: With the daiquiri, the margarita and maybe even a mint julep, use enough ice to prepare the cocktail. At the end of the drink you will end up enjoying only water with a little flavor … but with fewer calories.

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