How Negative Are You

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How Negative Are You
How Negative Are You
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Video: Your brain is wired for negative thoughts. Here’s how to change it. 2023, February
1. Your partner sends you flowers on an unexpected day, you

You are very happy for the detail.

You get excited, but it seems strange to you to send flowers.

You think he is being unfaithful to you.

6. When you look in the mirror …

You like yourself the way you are.

You think that if you could, you would operate on some part of your body to see yourself better.

You don't like anything about yourself.

2. It is the first time that you cook a dish, when you try it

You think it turned out very well for the first time.

You like it, but you think you can improve it.

You don't think you're good for the kitchen.

7. If you feel weak during the day, do you think it is because…

You didn't sleep well.

You are lacking vitamins.

You have a serious illness.

3. You find out that a friend is succeeding at her job, you

You congratulate her immediately.

You don't tell him anything about it.

You wonder why good things never happen to you.

8. When you are single, you think …

I will enjoy this stage.

That the right man will arrive the less you seek him.

That you're going to be single for life.

4. When good things happen to you, you usually think

How lucky I am!

It is a passing streak.

You think something bad has to happen.

9. They invite you to a party in which you hardly know anyone, you …

You accept immediately, as it is a good opportunity to make friends.

You go hoping to meet someone you know.

You just don't go.

5. After a job interview

You trust the position will be yours.

You think you performed well, but you could have done better.

You keep thinking about how bad you did.

10. You failed a project, you

You think that from mistakes you learn and move on.

It takes time to get over it.

You think everything goes wrong for you.

You are a woman who always sees the positive side of things. However, sometimes it is good to put your feet on the ground and consider the possibility that things will not always turn out as you expect. This will help you to be mentally prepared for any inconvenience. Of course, the important thing is that, whatever happens, do not stop smiling, because it is difficult to find people as positive as you. You are a balanced person. There are days when you feel that life smiles at you and there are others when you see things with skepticism. The important thing is that you do not lose faith and that you stay positive when negative thoughts prevent you from growing as a person or do not let you see the good side of things. You have to work with your thoughts. Don't let them stop your personal growth,spiritual and professional. If your mind works all the time with negative things, that is probably what you attract. The good news is that you can control it; first detecting when these thoughts abound and then setting your mind to blank to introduce positive thinking. It takes practice, but you can do it with meditation or with the help of a therapist.

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