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Face Health
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Today, April 7, World Health Day is celebrated and as beauty and health go hand in hand, we want to take the opportunity to talk about how the face can reveal the physical state of a person. It is said, with good reason, that the face is the reflection of the soul. And not only because it can read our thoughts, but also because it can be full of messages about our health and bad habits.

Here we share with you some telltale signs, and we tell you how to eliminate them:

Eye bags

Causes: In addition to lack of sleep, there are some feeding problems that cause these unwanted shadows. Lack of iron, common in vegetarian diets, may be the cause.

Solution: Meat is the main source of iron, but many vegetables also contain this nutrient. You should sleep the recommended number of hours to protect the thin skin under the eyes.

Crying eyes

Causes: Not getting enough sleep and spending too much time in front of a screen. Paradoxically, watery eyes are not a consequence of having very dry eyes. Concentration with the television or computer makes us blink less, which is the way to produce tears to lubricate the eyes.

Solution: Limit "screen time", rest frequently, and drink plenty of water.

Swollen and flabby face

Causes: Excess alcohol and lack of exercises. The stress this causes causes the body to secrete cortisol, a hormone responsible for fluid retention and fat accumulation in the face.

Solution: Drink in moderation. Adopt an exercise program that stimulates circulation and collagen production.

Thin and gaunt face

Causes: Losing and gaining weight frequently, as with yoyo diets, reduces the elasticity of the facial skin. Also do aerobic exercises with too much intensity, because after the first few minutes the blood passes from the face to the muscles, and not much oxygen reaches the cheeks.

Solution: Avoid extreme diets. If your main activity is cycling or running, alternate with yoga or strength exercises.

Cracks at the corners of the lips

Causes: Lack of vegetables. Insufficient vitamin B and vitamin C can be the cause of irritation and cracking.

Solution: Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in these vitamins.

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