Dangers Express Diets

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Dangers Express Diets
Dangers Express Diets

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Nutritionist Sylvia Klinger of the Grains Foods Foundation alerts us to the dangers of express diets and tells us how to lose weight in the healthiest way, now that summer is coming.

SM: How dangerous are express diets? Is it true that if you lose weight in a short time, you will also regain that weight quickly?

SK: These diets are very dangerous. When summer is coming is when we panic and that leads many people to start fast fad diets to lose weight. I don't like to give bad news, but those fast fad diets are not only dangerous but never work in the long term. You really have to plan and start eating healthy early. The keys are to plan with time and moderation, not the elimination of food groups.

SM: What do you think of the food supplements that are sold as the antidote for weight loss?

SK: The vast majority of weight loss supplements are ineffective and many of them are very dangerous, as they do not have enough scientific studies to demonstrate their safety and efficacy.

SM: What changes could we women make in our diet to lose weight healthily?

SK: Start with these tips that will help you acquire good habits for life:

1. Eat:

Sit down to eat your meals regularly and let your body signal you when you're already satisfied. When hunger strikes, wait 15 minutes and drink a liquid, such as water or low-calorie soda, your body is most likely dehydrated. Remember to start the day with a good breakfast. Studies have shown that when we stop eating breakfast, we tend to eat more at the end of the day. Also look for a variety of nutritious foods and try to include foods from each food group in your meals.

2. Moderation, not elimination:

• There is a misconception about elimination, against moderation. All foods and drinks can be incorporated into a healthy and sustainable diet in moderation.

• People think that eating and healthy weight control have to do with will power or "eating clean", but science shows that elimination does not produce results and deprivation is not manageable in the long term. For example, if you are a lover of sweets and soft drinks, instead of eliminating them completely from your diet, opt for low-calorie sweets or diet sodas of a smaller size, such as mini-cans. Or, when you're at a birthday party or wedding, treat yourself to a small piece of cake, but don't eat the cream.

• All calories count when it comes to managing your weight, so look for alternative options when it comes to servings and ingredients.

• The key to a healthy lifestyle is eating a balanced diet and integrating daily physical activity into your routine.

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