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Pill Against HIV
Pill Against HIV
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Although an HIV vaccine has not yet been created and we are far from achieving the definitive cure for AIDS, science and medical services have come a long way in treating and preventing this terrible plague. One of the basic recommendations to reduce the risk of contracting HIV has been the use of condoms during sexual intercourse for years, something that although it does not eliminate the danger completely, at least it manages to reduce it. Among the medications, the only one approved so far by the FDA as a prophylactic resource before being exposed to a possible contagion is Truvada, a pill containing two antiretroviral drugs and approved in 2004 for the treatment of HIV.

The use of prophylactic medications is now included in the guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a measure to prevent infection before exposure. In the 2014 Prophylactic Practice Guide, the CDC notes that taking Truvada daily could play an important role in fighting the disease. After extensive studies conducted in different countries with high-risk people, they concluded that taking Truvada every day could decrease the rate of infection by more than 90 percent.. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading immunologist in the AIDS research, called the drug very effective, but cautioned that it should be used as a supplement to condoms, not as a substitute.

Population at high risk of HIV

Under the new guidelines, people who fall into these groups could benefit from taking the drug daily.

A person is at high risk of contracting HIV if:

• You have had sex without using condoms.

• You do not have HIV but you have sex with an HIV positive person.

• You are gay or bisexual and have had a sexually transmitted disease in the past six months, have sex with more than one person.

• You have injected drugs or shared needles or other accessories for drug use in the last six months.

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