Things We Do Women To Lose Weight

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Things We Do Women To Lose Weight
Things We Do Women To Lose Weight
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While the skinny ones can't find what to do to have a little more legs or bust, the "chubby" are willing to try anything crazy to get rid of "the last 10 pounds". It seems that the saying of "nobody is happy with what they have" applies to almost all of us. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to be at a healthy weight and wanting to look your best, there are certain things that go too far. This is our list of 6 silly things that women do to lose weight:

Weight Loss Belts: The first time I saw one of these "miraculous devices" it was one in the morning and as I was changing channels I had come to one of those infomercials designed to sell useless products to insomniacs. The reality is that apart from making you sweat (lose water, not fat) and give the illusion that you have lost weight, these belts do nothing to effectively treat those extra little books.

Slimming creams: Although lymphatic drainage massages support exercise and a balanced diet, when it comes to treating difficult fat deposits it is about thinking that smearing a cream (whatever its ingredients) twice a day will really do something for your On the road to weight loss, it is not only unreal but lacks any scientific support.

Plastic wrap: While it is true that wrapping in plastic can have the girdle effect if you need to hide a couple of pounds to get into your bridesmaid dress and wearing this wrap during your cardio sessions before any special event can help you lose water weight is not a long-term solution. What's more, most of these plastics are made of PVC, which can be very toxic.

Diet pills: Lipomin, garcinia, fruit plant … the list of diet pills is endless and not only just as useless, but also dangerous. Most of these pills have a high level of caffeine, which affects the nervous system, and other ingredients not approved by the FDA.

Smoking: I don't know who would be the first human to come out with the story that smoking reduces appetite and increases metabolism (that is, it helps our bodies burn more fat), none of these things are true. What has been medically proven is that smoking has consequences such as yellow teeth and fingers, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Now you think if it really is worth it.

Had: We leave the best, worse ?, for the end. Hollywood and its excessive cult of the body was in charge of rolling the myth that having live tapeworms (yes, worms) in the stomach, which implied swallowing them, was the best way to let "others" take care of excess fat and carbohydrates in our body. Just the thought of having live worms in my belly, laying their eggs out there, upsets my nervous (and digestive) system.

If this list leaves us with any lesson, it is what we already know: "The one who wants jerks, endures browns." That is, if you want to lose weight, a balanced diet and exercise.

We share with you this video of everything this girl does to get into one size less pants:

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